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RACRER is Süleyman Demirel University’s Research and Application Centre for Renewable Energy Resources, Isparta/TURKEY.


RACRER was found in 2003 to determine the renewable energy potential firstly of this region Isparta and then the country. Then to develop technologies in order to take these energy resources into action is the main goal.

Isparta province and region, due to the Mediterranean climate zone, are very lucky in terms of renewable energy sources such as biomass and solar energy. Research for developing technologies to utilize the renewable energies of this region and all country is the main object of RACRER.


Research Areas

  • World Energy Policy & Renewable Energy Position

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Solar Energy

  • Biomass energy

  • Wind energy


We completed some projects about Renewable Energy Systems.

  1. Solar Energy Researches

    • Solar chimney

    • Solar updraft tower

    • Sun following systems

    • Photovoltaic lightening systems

    • Solar-assisted cooling systems(thermoelectric, with adsorption, absorption or injection)

  2. Biogas&Biomass Researches


Solar Updraft Tower, Solar Chimney


►Linear Fresnel Collector 


Cylindrical Parabolic Collector


►Dish Stirling Solar Thermal Collector


Solar Tracking PV System


Thermophilic and Mesophilic Biogas Reactor

In accordance with request from public and private sectors, researches, investigations, expert analyses and laboratory tests are continue to be performed.